Three Years


I have been intending to set up this one page as a catch-all so people could see all the different things that I am into. Yet, here I sit, in 2015 and this is still sitting with nothing attached.

I cannot imagine that anyone has ever found this site, but I make this promise, here and now. I will be getting busy here and soon this will be my headquarters.

I also need to get busy writing at http;//  I made myself a promise that I would post more there this year and we are nearing the end of the fourth month of the year and it has probably been six weeks or more since I have posted. My organizational skills are the only tools that are weaker than my self-discipline.

I am wanting to set up several new blogs, which I know I could do in about six or seven hours each, but I cannot manage what I have. What I need is a boss. I need my wife to be my administrator who would tell me what to get done today and reward me when I deliver.

For now, it is past my bedtime and I am procrastinating going to sleep. Something which is not a good idea tonight as I have things to do tomorrow.

I will leave one of the picture/quotes I have been making on backgrounds from shots taken on my walks.



ET Out for now..


We make room for love when we nudge our ego out of the way.

We make room for love when we nudge our ego out of the way.


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