Movie Reviews

One of my 2017 resolutions was to post more things. My actual goal was to write every day. I pretty much gave up on that idea by January 2nd.

So, even though my hope of writing and posting something every day, this year, was not realized, I did decide that I can still write something every day, whether I share them online or not.

My plan is to watch movies, at least one current one each week and four or five old films. I hope to post four or five reviews each week so that I will have shared my thoughts about approximately 200 movies each year.

It was always my plan to share my love of movies here so I will post the reviews on the main blog page and then share links, by movie name, on this page.

I am excited about this project and hope that I will be able to do this year after year. I dearly love watching movies and I look forward to writing about them. Unlike most common movie reviewers, I am always looking for the movie’s spiritual messages and applications to our everyday existence. Expect that each review will include such a perspective.

I Am David Review

The Serpent and the Rainbow Review