How Do You Describe Grace?

I have been using the same auto repair shop for 30 years because the owner has always proven to have integrity above reproach. Earlier he called me and shared an experience which occurred this morning.

Another customer, of his, was preparing to take his wife and kids on an extended road trip, and although his Chevrolet Yukon was fairly new and well-maintained he just had a feeling he needed to bring it in for a check-up before setting out on the

My friend had one of his mechanics pull the vehicle up on to a lift so that they could raise the SUV to inspect it from the underside. Just as the mechanic reached the end of the lift and was braking to stop in the perfect position, the unspeakable happened: The brake pedal went all the way to the floor. Fortunately the vehicle was moving very slowly and it stopped before moving over the end of the lift.

Once they raised the vehicle they noticed that brake fluid was leaking all over the lift and the ground. Upon further inspection they found a metal brake line had broken completely in half. Prior to this happening, there had been no indication that anything was amiss, with the vehicle.

My friend related to me that if that brake line had not broken, just when it did it was something he would have never caught. Because of its positioning, the metal line was fully concealed by a mass of wires.

My friend was nearly speechless. He forms close bonds with his repeat customers and he intimated to me that without this line breaking, just when it did, it would have happened, most likely, while the family was on their trip. He shuttered when he considered what may have

This is one of the many examples of grace that I see all of the time. Why did the man feel he needed to have his well-maintained, late-model Yukon inspected before heading out on his trip? It was not something he typically did. Why did the brake line burst when this mechanic was positioning the vehicle to be raised and inspected?

The answers to these questions will never be fully answered, but I consider it to be God’s Amazing Grace. It was not this family’s time to be involved in whatever would have occurred had this not happened just exactly as it did.angel-1249466_1920

God is so good.
All the time.

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